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All advantages at a glance

vertical chip crusher
highly wear-resistant execution
high-quality, hardened crushing tools
different grinding mills for various material
using in case of tough steel types possible
tramp metal ejector for mistakenly initiated tramp metals
volume reduction of the chips up to 80 %
compact and robust design
smooth and fully automatic operation
easy to maintain due to quickly interchangeable wear parts
low energy requirement

Made for very hard cases

The vertical working chip crushers from Lanner easily process even the toughest long and woolly metal chips. The chips are resized in several steps and the original volume is reduced by up to 80 %. These crushed chips are now mostly free-flowing, can be transported and processed more easily. Accidently inserted tramp metals, like tools or manufacturing parts, can be extracted with the standard utilized tramp metal ejector.

The chip crusher can be extended e. g. with an automatic diverter chute, with special material for life extension or with an electro-magnetic locked inspection cover on the infeed hopper.

This is how the chip crusher works

The long and woolly chips with coolant content, which have to be crushed are fed with a conveyor or chip cart dumper into the infeed hopper of the chip crusher. A rotating knife head with hardened crushing tools moves the complete chip ball against the hardened tearing blocks fixed on the crushing hopper. The pre-crushed chips fall downwards into the crushing mill, where they are crushed to a minimum size. Mistakenly initiated tramp metals such as bar ends and tools can be ejected. Even tough chips can be crushed with this chip crusher.

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